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ScolioTrack is a safe and innovative way to track one's scoliosis condition in the comfort of their own homes, just as a doctor would in a clinic.






Safer and More Affordable Than

The device proves much safer and cheaper than taking scoliosis x-ray's and can be used in between doctor's visits to track one's scoliosis condition.

Even Parents with no Medical Training can Detect Scoliosis

Document any changes in the spine with using the iPhones camera function, which takes a photo of the person's back. "Grid view mode" allows user to easily notice any changes to the back visually such as rib humps, hip protrusion, body alignment or spinal deviation and compare it easily with previous photo records.

Keep Your Records all in one Place Conveniently and Safely

ScolioTrack saves all the information in one convenient location and provides touch of the finger retrieval for future checkups. An easy-to-read display shows data output in graph format for ease of tracking changes over time and the new technology is capable of saving and tracking the data of multiple users.